Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub - Essential Oil Heaven

I needed LOTS of gifts for Ella's teachers!  We have her classroom teacher, 2 parapros, 4 people who work on the SACC room, the secretaries, the principal and the specials teachers (minus one since I'm her music teacher!)  That's a lot of gifts!  I needed a simple, cost-effective and unique gift for them.

So, I made the majority of them (minus the men) Grapefruit Sugar Scrub!
It smells AWESOME!
They will love it!
They will be impressed!
They will want more!

Ready? Set? Go!  Make this!

2 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
15 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
2 Tbsp. water

Mix all ingredients together and store in a glass jar.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat anyone.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.  Your results may vary from mine.

Healing Hand "Potion" - Amazing Healing Powers!

My hands have always been dry, but this year, they took a turn for the worse.  They were cracking and bleeding everywhere!  I honestly just thought it was just "dry hands."  I tried making a hand cream and it just made them worse.  I felt defeated.

A couple weeks ago, I met up with a friend.  She took one look at my hands and said, "Wow!  You eczema is REALLY bad!"  Eczema?!?  Yup!  DUH!  My mom has eczema and it was REALLY bad when I was a child.  It has gotten better over the years, so I hadn't really thought about it!  Turns out, my friend Chito was VERY right!  

After a little bit of research on which essential oils and carrier oils are good for Eczema, I whipped up this Eczema Healing "Potion" when I got home.  I started using it immediately and the results were amazing.

(this before picture I actually took a couple weeks before I started using the hand potion, so my hands were actually FAR worse than this when I started using it!)

The first day, I put the potion on 4-5 times throughout the day.
The second day, I used it about 3 times.
The third day, I used it twice.
I have used it once a day every day after and have even been able to skip some days.

I'm finding the Young Living Rose Ointment to be extremely healing  on my hands as well, so I HIGHLY suggest that too!

Eczema Healing Hand "Potion"

1 oz. avocado oil
20 drops Frankincense
20 drops Lavender
15 drops Melaleuca A

Place everything in a glass dropper bottle.
Apply as needed.  A little goes a very long way.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat anyone.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.  Your results may vary from mine.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Turkey Sausage "Stew" using Basil Oil

I know what you're thinking!  "I can cook with these oil?!!!"
And they are fabulous I might add!

Last month, I got Basil Oil as my freebie from the monthly promo Young Living offers.
When I made this soup, I had no doubt in my mind I was going to use that oil!
I'm so glad I did!  The depth of flavor two little drops added was amazing!

Go check out the recipe on my other blog!  You'll be so glad you did!

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat anyone.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.  Your results may vary from mine.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The #LemonDropper Essential Oil Handbooks Have Arrived!

When I pulled into the driveway after dinner, I saw a package on my doorstep.  I thought, "Yay!  My essential oils are here a day early!"

I was wrong :(  BUT, as quickly as I was disappointed, I was elated!  So, my essential oils didn't arrive, BUT my Lemon Dropper Essential Oil Handbooks did!!!!


These are PACKED with tons of awesome Essential Oil info!  I can't wait to get them in the hands of my friends, families and clients!  As you can see......I have several already spoken for, so they're off to different places ;)
 These go to my friend Nicole.....
 This one goes to my friend Colleen, who watches my little man every day <3
These go to work with me tomorrow so I can show them to my co-workers. 

There's even one in Ella's backpack for her teacher....cuz she bought a starter kit too!

This is almost the next best thing to getting my Starter Kit day!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ella's Fav Essential Oils #mylittlelemondroplet

Meet my oldest Lemon Droplet, Ella.  She's my very smart, sweet and loving almost 6 year old.  She's wise beyond her years and has some things to tell you about her favorite Essential Oils; Peppermint, Lavender, Thieves and Lemon.  I think she has some pretty great advice ;)  It's in 2 parts because we had a guest arrive in the middle of filming, so please enjoy both parts!

Well, there you have it!  Ella loves our oils.  She recently had a cold, so we used Lavender on the bridge of her nose, with lemon on the sides of her nosem(she says it burns, but she's a bit of a drama queen sometimes, LOL....her younger brother has no problem with it!) to dry up the runny nose and alleviate stuffiness. We also use peppermint and Thieves on the bottom of their feet to clear sinuses and get rid of the germs!  My kids have the shortest, easiest colds ever thanks to these Young Living Oils.  We LOVE them!

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat anyone.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.  Your results may vary from mine.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

How I "Dropped In" to Lemon Droppers

Several months ago, I was sent some doTerra Oils to do a review on.  They sat in the packaging for a couple weeks because we were "unseasonably healthy!"  LOL (Of course, right?!)  Well, one day I got a headache, so I tried the peppermint oil.  I rubbed it above my eyebrows and on my temples because that's the main place I get headaches.  It took it away within 20 mins.  Fluke?  Eh, who knows, I thought.

Long story short, I tried several other oils on myself and on the kids and by gosh by golly, results every time!  The kicker was when Gavin came down with a cold (which usually linger for oh, 3 weeks or so) and it was GONE in 2 days.  I was SOLD!  

My friend Karen had been posting about her experiences with Young Living Oils.  I kept seeing her Lemon Dropper literature on different oils and then.....she invited me to a Lemon Dropper Customer Appreciation Day Event.  This was EPIC!  It was an entire day of learning about all TONS of awesome oils and entering to win some.  The more I learned about them, the more I HAD to have them!  LOL

Shortly after, Karen posted about a Starter Kit Sale that was coming up.  I had been researching the different essential oil companies and knew Young Living was the best fit for my family.  You can't go wrong with 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils!  I talked with my hubby and he said "go for it....they really are working!"  So, I did.  I ordered my Starter Kit on Feb. 1, 2014.  I stalked my fed ex tracking EVERY SINGLE DAY!  LOL

About 14 days later (um, they kind of sold 3,000 kits in 1 day so they were a LITTLE backed up!!!!) I got my kit!  I put it to IMMEDIATE use!  My kids came down with colds again, so I got my diffuser going right away with Lemon, Lavender, Thieves and Peppermint.  I put it in the living room as they played and their coughing and runny noses subsided immediately!

Of course, I'll post more about how I use all these wonderful oils over time, but I'm telling you.  These oils have been a miracle worker for so many things in my household and it hasn't even been that long!  I double love them!

Karen mentioned the business side of the Lemon Droppers to me and told me if I sold 3 kits, my kit would be paid for.  So, I jumped in!  Those who know me, know I don't do anything halfway.  So, all in I went.  And you know what?!  I've paid for my kit about 4 times over, just by sharing my love for oils....and this is just the BEGINNING of my Lemon Dropper journey!  I've already climbed the ranks from "Distributer" to "Star" and am just dollars away from "Senior Star" status.....and it hasn't even been a complete month!  I have to say, I'm blessed to be a part of this!  These oils are not only changing my life, but their changing other people's lives too!  Knowing I'm spreading the oil love is all the payment I really need.  It feel amazing to help others with something I'm not only passionate about, but something that can HELP them!  

So, my friends....this is how I "dropped in" to being a Lemon Dropper.  

Do you use Essential Oils?  What's your favorite?!